About Us

Mission & Vision

The Tony Elumelu Foundation believes that the private sector holds the key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential.

To that end, our mission is to catalyse economic and social development in Africa through entrepreneurship, focusing on three areas:

  1. The empowerment of entrepreneurs through capacity development, seed capital, mentoring and networking.
  2. The promotion of thought leadership on entrepreneurship through advocacy and evidence-based research as a guide for policymakers across African governments.
  3. The creation of an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes African entrepreneurship.

The main philosophy of the Tony Elumelu Foundation is based on our Founder’s desire to empower a generation of successful for-profit entrepreneurs who drive Africa’s economic and social transformation. Our guiding principles are derived from an inclusive economic philosophy of Africapitalism, which states that long-term, dynamic African-led private sector investment in key sectors of the continent’s economy will drive economic and social development through its programme and activities. The Tony Elumelu Foundation seeks to “institutionalise luck” and create an environment where entrepreneurship can flourish in a sustained manner.