Success Stories

West Africa

Disrupting the African Fashion Industry with Serah Kassim Ready to Wear Brand

Textile and clothing is the second largest sector in the developing world after agriculture, this sector is dominated by SMEs and holds the potential to create jobs for millions of women and youth across Africa. Discussions on African inspired clothing takes the centre stage at forums on fashion and exhibitions around the world. From the […]

Dainel Oulai’s Multiple Solutions to Tackling the Challenges of Food Security

Across the world Food security brings a huge debate with organisations, individuals and governments taking a centre stage in the tackling the interrelated elements of: availability, access, utilisation and stability. Grainothèque founded by a young agroecology activist and, Daniel Oulai (2017, Agriculture), is one of such organizations that is driving the agenda of  food security. As a young boy […]

Inside Chigozie Bashua’s World of Nut Processing

With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, one would expect Chigozie to focus on a career in line with her degree but in her words, “I believe I was called to do more than just my degree, I was out to fight the rising cost of food prices and bring innovation and the […]

Nana Asomaniwaa is Caring for Care Givers Through Erith Health Service

Nana Asomaniwaa is a young pharmacist turned entrepreneur, her entrepreneurial inclinations began when she started working in a cancer unit and realised that nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other medical caregivers can contract cancer just through administering care to the patients. This scary thought gave her a business idea. As a student, Nana had her internship […]

From Passion to Profit: Meet Temitayo, the Swimming Entrepreneur

A popular saying in Ogun state, South West Nigeria that descendants of Ijebu land do not go swimming may have been true until Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Temitayo Orekoya (2016) came in contact with the sport. Growing up, Temitayo never had any encounter with sports but rather was seen as a nerd with a gift for […]

A Tale of 2 Applications to the TEF programme

As an undergraduate of the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Aaron Ejeme worked as a freelance digital marketing specialist, servicing clients from around Nigeria. Aaron took his skill a step further by subscribing to Global online platforms that helps freelancers get jobs but his experience on these platforms left a bitter taste. The stereotype […]

After 3 Attempts, the Safety Chic is a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

The name Ugochi Augusta Obidiegwu may not ring a bell to all but “The Safety Chic” certainly does to those who take Child safety very serious as it should be. The Safety Chic as she is called simply incorporates safety education in child learning. In 2013, Ugochi, who was and is still working as a […]

From an Early Start in Trading to Garment Making, Meet Ogenedoroh Udeh

At Age 14, Oghenedoro Udeh started her first business of sales of plantain chips.  Together with a friend, She made the chips and sold to traders around who inturn retailed this. This she says was the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey which has now gone from trade to fashion. on to Oghenedoro set up Fame design […]

Michel Nkuindija: Lessons from my Entrepreneurial Journey

Growing up Michel Nkuindija was lulled by the tales and legends of Africa and this made his imagination go wild with thoughts hovering around imaginative universes inspired by these tales. Only and as he grew older, he realized that these stories told to us by grandparents were not available in many books, comics and even […]