Edmond, N.

The Tony Elumelu foundation is a special platform. They never cease to amaze me; this week I had the opportunity to address a President, the President of France. The gravity of that moment and the belief that Tony Elumelu puts in us, his entrepreneurs to take leadership in these ways is truly inspiring!

Rollin, F.

The interactive session was very rich, productive and impactful for all young entrepreneurs who believe in Africa. Just 2000 entrepreneurs were selected to attend, but by sharing over the social network, millions benefitted from the session.  As Mentor at the Foundation, I believe more than ever that we are in good path and President Macron […]

Josiah, F.

I feel privileged to have had my question picked and responded to directly by the French President himself. The answer he gave – that I can be greater that Zuckerberg – has ignited a passion in me to build a world-class African brand that will be among the global Fortune 500 companies.

Siraj, E.

The TEF forum was an amazing experience, one of its kind I have ever experienced.  I could feel the fire, the passion, the hunger to succeed, the urge to do something, when I met and spoke to countless entrepreneurs. I was impressed by the drive put into them by the Foundation

Vitumbiko Zgambo

Being a part of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme has helped me become very bold and daring. The programme helped my networking skills and gave me the opportunity to think beyond my imagination. The funding helped me increase my business- I got more farming land and that’s how I also opened the fresh mart. I moved from […]

Mbuih Z.

It is my pleasure to let the world know that the training we received from the Tony Elumelu Foundation is more than the $100 Million worth.

Mahlet, Y.

It’s great to see more philanthropy with an impact out Africa. Definitely Tony Elumelu Foundation has influenced fellow African philanthropists.

Watson, M.

This is a wildfire revolution on my continent in my time. Thank you to the Elumelu family for this brave step and love for Africa. God bless.


Big thumbs up to the Tony Elumelu Foundation for the massive donation to the victims of Sierra Leone disasters. God bless you, sir

Ackjit Resources‏

You guys are wonderful. I have someone who has benefited from your programme and he is doing great now. Kudos