Abdoulaye Cisse

Position: Tama

With a background in Computer Engineer oriented Artificial Intelligence, Networks and Telecommunications, Abdoulaye Cisse is improving the ways in which humans and goods move around in his country, Mali.

This innovation was inspired by an occurrence in which he found himself unable to find any means of transport to get to his house which was in the suburb. He realised that many people within his community find themselves in similar situations and became overcome by the need to provide a solution to this challenge. His enterprise, TAMA, operates in the field of transport by combining new technologies. To do this, they set up an application that allows people to seamlessly link up with carriers, positioning them in similar operations like Uber from the international market.

Fascinated by the field of entrepreneurship, he was able to acquire the necessary skills to face and realize his dream through the Tony Elumelu Foundation. To him, the impact of the programme was beyond the financial aspect.

Although there are few challenges – such as the fact that many places do not have an address which makes geolocation difficult; internet access is not readily accessible to the average-income citizen – by creating this company, Abdoulaye has reduced unemployment and continues to facilitate the displacement of the population.


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