Find the answers to frequently asked questions ON THE POSTPONEMENT OF THE 2020 TEF ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME AND FORUM here.

Due to the ongoing pandemic which has disrupted activities globally, the Foundation has decided TO POSTPONE ITS 2020 PROGRAMME AND FORUM UNTIL 2021. Here’s what you need to know about The POSTPONEMENT:

Frequently Asked Questions

In relation to the postponement of the 2020 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and TEF Forum. Click HERE to read the announcement.

1 – Why has the Tony Elumelu Foundation postponed the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and TEF Entrepreneurship Forum until 2021?  

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic which has disrupted activities globally, the Foundation recognises that it will be insensitive and logistically impossible to go on with its flagship TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and TEF Entrepreneurship Forum as previously scheduled.

We are refocusing our intervention to provide virtual training programmes and business diagnosis for African entrepreneurs during these distressing times on TEFConnect.com in compliance with social distancing directives.

2 – When will the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and TEF Entrepreneurship Forum be postponed to?

The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and the TEF Entrepreneurship Forum are postponed until 2021.

3 – What will happen to my application to the 2020 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme?

Entrepreneurs who have applied for the 2020 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme and have been advised to proceed to the next stage, will continue with the process in 2021 and will not need to re-apply.

We are pleased to share that for the 7th edition of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in 2021, the Foundation will double its own commitment to select 2000 entrepreneurs (1000 entrepreneurs for 2020 cohort and 1000 entrepreneurs for 2021 cohort) instead of annual selection of 1000 entrepreneurs. Thus, there will be no lost opportunities for the 2020 applicants to the programme.

4 – Can I apply again in 2021 if I was not advised to proceed to the next stage?

For applicants who were not confirmed to proceed to the next stage of the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme application this year, we encourage you to reapply when the applications open in 2021.

5 – Will there still be a Mentorship Programme in 2020?

Mentorship for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme will also be postponed to 2021. We encourage all our mentors to remain engaged as part of the TEFConnect community where the Foundation will share information, opportunities and relevant content to keep the ecosystem engaged, informed and prepared for the challenges ahead.

If you are a current mentor and would like to host a webinar or virtual trainings, please click on this LINK to sign up.

6 – How will  the Tony Elumelu Foundation support entrepreneurs during this period?

The Foundation will launch a series of bespoke virtual programmes for entrepreneurs, addressing critical startup needs. This will include free access to business support, diagnosis and clinics, SME-recovery initiatives and strategic business webinars and masterclasses, hosted on TEFConnect, the digital entrepreneurship hub for African entrepreneurs. We will also work with our partners including policymakers, governments and development finance institutions to catalyse assistance for African entrepreneurs post COVID-19.

7 – How do I benefit from the bespoke virtual training programmes offered by the Tony Elumelu Foundation?

The opportunities we are offering this year are freely accessible to the general public, including all entrepreneurs, on https://tefconnect.com.

8 – Do I have to pay to access TEFConnect?

Access to TEFConnect is free. Visit and sign up on https://tefconnect.com to access key resources, learn new business tools and insights, and network with over 1 million entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.

9 – I have a solution to help Africans during the coronavirus outbreak. How can I reach out to you?

We encourage entrepreneurs to work collaboratively at this time in tackling this pandemic. Please register your solution on TEFConnect.com. You may also send us an email via enquiries@tonyelumelufoundation.org.

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