• Dare Odumade

    Dare Odumade is the co-founder of Chekkit is a Nigerian-based startup that uses blockchain technology to help users verify the authenticity of products before consuming them. Since launching, Dare and his team have impacted/protected over 80,000 lives. This is measured from the number of consumer product authentications they have registered.

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  • Erico Pinheiro Fortes

    Erico Pinheiro Fortes

    Cape Verdean entrepreneur Erico Pinheiro Fortes founded PrimeBotics to develop versatile drones that deliver customised technological solutions to farmers, governments & non-governmental institutions related to agriculture in Africa and around the world.⁣ With the global COVID-19 crisis, Erico and his partner are refocusing PrimeBotics with new solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Cape …

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  • Agboneni


    Neni’s Auto Care is a full-service automobile repair and maintenance company. Agboneni, the Founder, set out to create jobs for the unemployed youths in her community. The business recently partnered with Cancer Foundation and an old people’s home in her community to generate funds for their upkeep and wellbeing, as well as provide free/ heavily …

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