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    Belhadj Sabrina

    For some entrepreneurs, the impact they make in their communities is as important as the revenue they generate from the enterprise. After becoming a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, Algeria’s Belhadj was able to create job opportunities for people within her community; contributing to the local development by ensuring more people have access to a means of …

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  • Shadrach Akpan

    Shadrach Akpan is the founder of Wheatstone Gates, a company devoted to providing clean and affordable solar energy solutions to Households and Companies across Nigeria. The company says they were able to generate a revenue of N4,300,000 between Jan 2020 – June 2020, with N3,900,000 generated as revenue within May 2020 and June 2020, a …

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  • Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola

    Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola

    Bilikiss is the founder of Wecyclers, a for-profit social enterprise that collects recyclable rubbish from households in Lagos. Once the rubbish is sorted, her company sends SMS messages back to the household, informing them of how many points they have earned for trading in the rubbish. Her solution is a rewards-for-recycling model that incentivizes people …

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  • Gaone Ditsele

    Gaone Ditsele’s business Green Packaging is centred around the production of biodegradable plastic bags and bottles. Gaone’s business works to eliminate problems of land pollution, and minimise waste volume at landfills to ensure they not fatal to animal life.

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  • Mohammed Akamara

    In September 2018, Mohammed Akamara, CEO of Light Salone and his team set out to design and fabricate small-scale renewable hybrid energy plants that combine solar and wind. Their product, Sowind Technology, includes a plastic lantern, small scale hydro generator, solar book, and charging telecentres, and is built using recycled materials to provide the cheapest …

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  • Olasupo Abideen

    Olasupo Abideen

    Olasupo Abideen journey into entrepreneurship came from the need that he identified in his community. As a student of chemistry and volunteer to SDGs groups, Olasupotook a keen interest in clean, renewable energy, that could be used instead of orthodox fuelling options, and one of them was Liquefied Petroleum Gas. In 2017, Olasupo took a …

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    Jessica Rakotoarisoa

    Jessica is the founder of Nomad-Life, which is a business that provides a range of accessories and products that are environmentally friendly. Her products are handmade from natural fibers and recycled materials from Madagascar by women from marginalized communities. One of her most recent creations is her Photovoltaic Bag, which uses innovative technology to allows …

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  • Chioma Ukonu

    Chioma Ukonu

    Chioma is the founder and COO of Recycle Points a waste recycling Social Enterprise that motivate post-consumers to recycle by creating value from their everyday waste. With her team, she has been able to develop a POINT-BASED incentive model with which they collect recyclable material (cans, glass bottles, newspaper, etc.)  from registered post-consumers and in …

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  • Maher Oudira

    Maher Oudira

    Maher Oudira is the CEO of Green ALAFCO; a recycling company that recycles and exports aluminium cans to international buyers. Currently, his company has been able to rid the streets of Tunisia of over 1,000 tons of cans with the hope of reaching 4,000 tons in the next few years. His goal is to make …

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  • stella sigana

    Stella Sigana

    Stella Sigana is the founder of Alternative Waste Technologies, which is a mission-driven social enterprise, whose aim is to create meaningful employment opportunities to at-risk youths to avoid crime, unlock their potential, develop their skills and create successful futures for themselves. AWT core business focus has been on the production of fuel briquettes through the …

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