• Oluseun Onigbinde

    Oluseun Onigbinde is a Nigerian entrepreneur and open data analyst popularly known as the co-founder and CEO of budgIT, a Nigerian civic startup. Oluseun Onigbinde is a fiscal transparency advocate and a firm believer in the power of Open Data. In 2012, he was awarded the Future Awards Prize for Science and Tech Innovation and …

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  • Dare Odumade

    Dare Odumade is the co-founder of Chekkit is a Nigerian-based startup that uses blockchain technology to help users verify the authenticity of products before consuming them. Since launching, Dare and his team have impacted/protected over 80,000 lives. This is measured from the number of consumer product authentications they have registered.

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  • Uchenna Nnodim

    Uchenna Nnodim is the Founder of, a cryptocurrency exchange platform and, an online academy for training developers. Since he launched, they have signed up 30,000 users within their first year of launch and have transacted over 3 million dollars in this same period.

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  • Erico Pinheiro Fortes

    Erico Pinheiro Fortes

    Cape Verdean entrepreneur Erico Pinheiro Fortes founded PrimeBotics to develop versatile drones that deliver customised technological solutions to farmers, governments & non-governmental institutions related to agriculture in Africa and around the world.⁣ With the global COVID-19 crisis, Erico and his partner are refocusing PrimeBotics with new solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Cape …

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  • Laud Basing

    Laud Basing

    Laud Basing is the founder of Incas Diagnostics, a medical diagnostic development and manufacturing social enterprise located in Kumasi, Ghana. The company seeks to save lives through the design of low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostic test kits designed specifically for Africa. His company also offers an online/mobile platform enabling users to have the convenience of chatting …

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  • Hamadou Daouda - NOVATECH

    Hamadou Daouda

    Hamadou Daouda, a Niger-based entrepreneur and beneficiary of the Tony Elumelu Foundation discovered a solution to connect his community with relevant information. He launched a free service, by his company Novatech, in March, which allows the entire population in Niger to call and get advice on how to prevent COVID-19 in the 5 national languages. …

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  • Henry Mascot

    Africa’s insured population stands at just 2% of 1.2billion people. To drive up the numbers, Co-founder/CEO of Curacle Systems, Henry Masco is focused on insurance inclusion in emerging markets across the African continent. Curacel Systems, an AI-powered claims management and fraud detection system for health insurers is helping insurers reduce fraud, fast-track claims processing while …

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  • Headshot-Placeholder-male

    Kennedy Lamwenya

    Kenedy is the founder and CEO of SunPoynt, a leading ‘pay-as-you-go’ energy services company that has innovatively combined mobile money technology and product design to provide under-served off-grid communities in Kenya with access to affordable solar-powered TV home systems. Since launching his product in the market in February 2015, his has successfully been able to …

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  • Nathan Damtew

    Nathan Damtew

    Nathan Damtew is the founder of the technology and gaming company BeBlocky. The companies first product is a programming learning platform for kids. It uses animated programming lessons as a traditional app and through augmented reality to teach children the basics of computer programming using a modified curriculum based off of lessons from BeBlocky …

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  • Mohamed Dhaouafi

    Mohamed Dhaouafi

    Mohamed Dhaouafi always inquisitive and curious, always wanting to know “Why” and “How” everything is the way it is or done the way it’s done. It is easy to liken his curiosity to that old saying about the curiosity of a cat but in his case, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it only makes him …

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