• Mavis Nduchwa

    Mavis Nduchwa

    Mavis is the founder of found Chabana Farms, a successful agribusiness enterprise focused on the integrated farming of cattle, poultry, piggery, donkeys, vegetables, and horticulture.  The idea for Chabana Farms was started when Mavis noticed the extreme problems her community was facing –lack of jobs for women and youth and frequent food shortages. The vision of …

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  • Chioma Ukonu

    Chioma Ukonu

    Chioma is the founder and COO of Recycle Points a waste recycling Social Enterprise that motivate post-consumers to recycle by creating value from their everyday waste. With her team, she has been able to develop a POINT-BASED incentive model with which they collect recyclable material (cans, glass bottles, newspaper, etc.)  from registered post-consumers and in …

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  • Kofoworola Oyeleye

    Kofoworola Oyeleye

    Kofoworola Oyeleye is the founder of Iyin-Creative, an innovative animation company with the goal of promoting and preserving the African heritage and cultures through cartoons. Through her work she has reached over 7,000 Children of Nigerian heritage worldwide, giving them the opportunity to learn their native language in a fun and modern way, and trained …

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  • Runcie c.w. Chidebe

    Runcie C.W. Chidebe

    Runcie C.W. Chidebe is the founder of Project PINK BLUE, a cancer-fighting venture in Nigeria, connecting cancer patients and communities to cancer diagnosis, treatment and care providers. Since completing the TEF Programme, Project Pink Blue has directly impacted 1,235 women and men through screening and enlightened over a million people in Africa through Radio, Television …

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  • Michel Nkuindija

    Michel Nkuindja

    Growing up Michel Nkuindija was lulled by the tales and legends of Africa and this made his imagination go wild with thoughts hovering around imaginative universes inspired by these tales. Only and as he grew older, he realized that these stories told to us by grandparents were not available in many books, comics and even …

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  • Joel Cherop

    Joel Cherop

    Joel Cherop is a Ugandan and beneficiary of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. His agri-business, Ataari River Integrated Irrigation Initiative (ARIII), a horticulture and rice production venture identifies, trains and seeds young people to begin their own agri-business ventures in a model dubbed “Learn as you earn”. Since receiving seed capital from the TEF …

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  • Agboneni


    Neni’s Auto Care is a full-service automobile repair and maintenance company. Agboneni, the Founder, set out to create jobs for the unemployed youths in her community. The business recently partnered with Cancer Foundation and an old people’s home in her community to generate funds for their upkeep and wellbeing, as well as provide free/ heavily …

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  • Danso Kwabena

    Danso Kwabena

    Danso Kwabena is the CEO of Booomers International, a subsidiary social enterprise of The Yonso Project, which produces and markets bamboo bicycles and accessories to both the Ghanaian and international markets. The company manufactures different types of bamboo bicycles and their accessories – such as bicycle stands and baskets – to help improve transportation, youth employment, …

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  • Vital Sounouvou

    Sounouvou founded Exportunity, a site that promotes export opportunities for Africans by connecting producers with traders. It allows a farmer in Benin to sell his produce to a buyer in South Africa – or the United States – through a cell phone. Through the trade events, Sounouvou has engaged over 750 clients, and built a database …

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