• Maher Oudira

    Maher Oudira

    Maher Oudira is the CEO of Green ALAFCO; a recycling company that recycles and exports aluminium cans to international buyers. Currently, his company has been able to rid the streets of Tunisia of over 1,000 tons of cans with the hope of reaching 4,000 tons in the next few years. His goal is to make …

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  • stella sigana

    Stella Sigana

    Stella Sigana is the founder of Alternative Waste Technologies, which is a mission-driven social enterprise, whose aim is to create meaningful employment opportunities to at-risk youths to avoid crime, unlock their potential, develop their skills and create successful futures for themselves. AWT core business focus has been on the production of fuel briquettes through the …

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  • Nathan Damtew

    Nathan Damtew

    Nathan Damtew is the founder of the technology and gaming company BeBlocky. The companies first product is a programming learning platform for kids. It uses animated programming lessons as a traditional app and through augmented reality to teach children the basics of computer programming using a modified curriculum based off of lessons from BeBlocky …

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  • Prince Kwame Agbata

    Prince Kwame Agbata

    Prince Kwame Agbata is the co-founder of Coliba, an early stage waste management platform that leverages on mobile and web technology to help users separate their waste, schedule and request a pickup and get waste picked from the comfort of user’s home.  

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  • Okey Esse, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Okey Esse

    Okey Esse is the founder of Powerstove, a clean-energy advocate and focused company that designs, manufactures and distributes smokeless cookstoves that use 70% less biomass to cook food while generating 50 watts of electricity for the user’s household. The Company also produces Goodlife Pellets, a Premium Refuse-Derived Fuel which costs 60% lower than firewood and …

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  • Mohamed Dhaouafi

    Mohamed Dhaouafi

    Mohamed Dhaouafi always inquisitive and curious, always wanting to know “Why” and “How” everything is the way it is or done the way it’s done. It is easy to liken his curiosity to that old saying about the curiosity of a cat but in his case, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it only makes him …

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  • Joyce Awosika

    Joyce Awosika

    Leaving her job with a Fortune 100 power company was not an easy decision to make but a necessary one to pursue her passion of exploring the Agro-beauty sector. Joycee Awosika is the MD/CEO of ORÍKÌ (a luxury skincare brand that fuses natural ingredients & scientific research to create extraordinary personal care products) and a 2015 …

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  • Edmond Nonie

    Edmond Nonie

    Profile Edmond Nonie’s father built a house in Sierra Leone whilst teaching as a lecturer abroad and during this process, he lost thousands of dollars to unscrupulous contractors. This gave birth to the idea of developing a service that made that story a thing of the past. About Track Your Build Track Your Build is …

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  • Frank I. Mugarura

    Gravity Rwanda is a marketing and branding company providing and visual designs: website design, Logos and Design consulting services: marketing campaigns, delivering eye-catching brand identity and creative visual design that attracts viewers to businesses.

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  • Kene Rapu Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Kene Rapu

    Kene Rapu is an initiative to promote the development of the local (Nigerian) industry, by using locally sourced materials and workmanship, to provide bespoke handcrafted slippers and sandals.

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