Mentors are a vital part of OUR Programme and are selected for their expertise and passion

Mentorship in The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme is an out-of-the-classroom experience for close guidance to encourage the personal learning and development of entrepreneurial skills in the selected applicants within a closed mentorship and learning platform.

The process of becoming a mentor will begin with registration, which will be subject to review. Following acceptance for mentorship, access to the mentorship and learning platform will be given. Matching the mentees with mentors will be by requests from mentees and administrative matching to ensure best fit.

As a mentor, you will work with up to three assigned mentees in a task-based learning forum for 6 weeks where you will encourage each mentee to go out and implement each learning module.  Post training you will support your mentee for 11 months by setting monthly milestone achievements which will be measured to ensure success

The platform also features forums for both peer-to-peer and inter-group discussions and an easy integration of social media profiles (e.g. on LinkedIn) to facilitate sharing and networking.

Mentors complete an online registration form about their previous business experiences, interests and motivations. This information is used to match mentors with selected entrepreneurs, based on their needs and mentoring objectives.

  • Mentors commit to a minimum of 1 hour a week (during training) and 2 hours per month (post training) per.from July to December.
  • Mentoring sessions will be delivered virtually through the Programme portal at times agreed upon by both mentor and mentee.
  • A mentor can be matched with up to four mentees.


With his wealth of experience and strong sense of self confidence came a desire to give back and help young entrepreneurs through a legacy project. Ayo joined the call for mentors on the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme with a desire to guide younger entrepreneurs as he says their energy gives him hope about the future of Africa.

Iselle Akwoue took the leap into the unknown platform of being an entrepreneur when the oil crisis hit her country – Gabon. At that time most private companies had reduced their spend, and there was a major challenge of organisations been focused on daily management that they failed to see what you could be done to help their business improve. 

Tinashe Gombiro is the managing consultant of TFG consulting group operating in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Starting his entrance into business consultancy in 2012, he discovered he had a gift and passion for performance and training and this he harnessed by becoming a mentee to established business practicioners .

Become A Mentor

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is calling on extraordinary leaders from every field, who are passionate about the development of African entrepreneurs, to join our global TEF Mentor Guild as Mentors.


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