Our interventions, activities, and programme are executed in line with our commitment to engendering sustainable development across seven broad impact pillars.

Research, Policy & Advocacy
Deploy extensive and insightful research to drive thought leadership and influence the policy and regulatory landscape to create a business-enabling environment that spurs business growth and development for entrepreneurs in Africa.
Partnerships, Networking & Linkages to Local and International Markets
Enhance entrepreneurs’ capacity to scale and thrive by building mutually beneficial partnerships within TEF’s larger network of mentors, investors, partners, alumni, and peers.


Leadership & Lifelong Development
Equip Entrepreneurs with technical and soft skills, including leadership skills, business management knowledge, tools, relationships, and expertise that make them better business owners and managers
Economic Growth & Poverty Eradication
Contribute to the continental drive to eradicate poverty and, ultimately, shape the pace and pattern of economic development across communities in Africa’s 54 countries.
Job Creation & Sustainable Livelihood
Ensure job creation and reduce the rate of unemployment in Africa by supporting 10,000 entrepreneurs across the continent to create 1 million jobs within 10 years.
Innovation & Technology
Leverage technology through TEFConnect and support entrepreneurs in embedding technology to spur business growth, especially in this age and time, when digital innovation is opening new opportunities and shaping global realities.
Sustainable Businesses
Improve entrepreneurs’ ability to build and nurture long-term businesses founded on sustainable practices.


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