Agriculture 1

Africa Wealth Initiative

On-Demand Delivery Solution that takes fresh Agro-produce from farms to homes.


Efuom Ghana

Efuom Ghana is an agribusiness that provides solutions to post-harvest losses involved in the supply of agricultural produce from rural smallholder farmers to bulk buyers in Ghana and internationally.

FarmerTribe Company Limited

FarmerTribe provides timely access to agricultural inputs, training and extension services to smallholder farmers in last-mile communities.

Farm Innovation Nigeria Ltd

Developed 2 products that leverage call support, mobile and web applications, database technologies to reach farmers with advisory services.

Farm on Wheels

Provides farmers access to inputs, services and market, on credit at 0% interest, enabling them to increase production capacity, yield and income.

Happy Coffee

Happy Coffee is an indigenous Seed to Cup Nigerian coffee company, improving the consumption and production of locally sourced coffee by bringing Fresh Brew Coffee to the cup of an average Nigerian.

Kitovu Technology Company

Provides smallholder farmers with the data to make smart decisions about what to grow & sell, and how to grow them efficiently.

Nampya Farmers Market

Using mobile tech to match rural smallholder farmers with urban food retailers, Nampya creates an efficient, transparent and formal agri-food marketplace.


E-commerce that bridges the gap between farmers and consumers by allowing them and sellers to list their harvest, products on our website.

The Nut Place

The Nut Place processes locally grown edible nuts into healthy food products in order to improve nutrition and promote healthy living in Africa.


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