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Joycee Kyalema


Josmak provides vulnerable Ugandan women in rural areas with alternative ways of increasing their household income, food security and family nutrition to reduce malnutrition among their children and reduce unemployment through pumpkin growing and processing. We produce a variety of quality organic pumpkin products that meet national and international market standards.

They include; Pumpkin Wine, Pumpkin Juice, Pumpkin powder made from leaves and flowers, Pumpkin roasted seeds, Pumpkin seeds powder, Pumpkin flour which is used to make porridge , bread, cakes, cookies, snacks, pumpkin soup, pumpkin oil, pumpkin seeds butter among others. We are environmentally conscious and all residues from products are used to make animal feeds and manure for improved agricultural productivity. All these products contain nutritional supplements good for health boosting. The CEO/ Founder has a degree in Business Administration from Makerere University. She has experience in business for over 9 years.

Jagwe Rogers our Accountant has a BBA accounts, MBA Accounts and finance and CPA level 2 from Uganda martyrs University.

Edmond Nsadhu is the quality controller manager has a Bachelors of food science and Human Nutrition from Makerere university with a 5 year experience.


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