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Aishatu Garba


The COVID19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of health systems globally which underscores the need for more flexible and stronger systems. The lack of adequate healthcare facilities and personnel is more glaring in the African continent.Kano is a densely populated state where healthcare facilities are not readily available even during normal time. The pandemic has made the situation worse than it used to be. Most hospitals are not functioning at full capacity, doctors are afraid to see patients and vice versa. This led to devastating effect of lack of access to quality care hence contributing largely to increased number of people dying in Kano and neighboring states. This business is a real time clinic for a doctor-patient anytime and anywhere. It allows doctors and patients to communicate in real time via phone consultation. The clinic can be reached via a single number where calls from patients are routed to the next available doctor. The patient has an option to choose whether to speak with a medical doctor, a dentist, specialist available or our management team.


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