• Palesa Moloi

    South African entrepreneur Palesa Moloi, is the founder of ParkUpp, a mobile parking application that helps users find parking off-street and on-street, and also pay for their parking ticket.

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  • Mark Danbaba Jacob

    Mark Danbaba Jacob is an entrepreneur in printing and embroidery services. Having faced the challenges of lack of specific equipment, Mark applied for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme in other to buy an embroidery machine to meet the demand of our customers. Currently, Mark’s company M.J Danbaba Global Links Limited is expanding operations to a second …

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  • Uchenna Agbo

    In 2019, Uchenna Agbo got admitted into the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme with Nollywood Insider, a business idea he decided to explore as an offshoot of his main company Okike Media. After going through the Programme, Uchenna pivoted into an application that provides a digital village where creatives can meet with hiring companies and get hired …

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