• TEF Alumni James Strauss

    James Strauss

    As a seasoned Brand Strategist and Multimedia Designer professional with over 8 years of experience, James Strauss decided to launch a 360 Media company in Namibia in 2019 to assist companies with their digital marketing needs. The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme gave him the much-needed support he required to make a commitment of such …

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  • silhouette headshot women

    Chazha Garde

    Chazha Garde created InPlay to provide an indoor entertainment complex to foster social interaction through active playing amongst children from one to twelve years of age. In addition, InPlay currently extends its business with nanny services and organisation of external parties. Chazha was a beneficiary of the TEF-AFDB partnership in 2019

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  • Nonofo Thamage

    Nonofo Thamage started Gamer’s Brawl to specifically address the demand from passionate people who just love competitive video gaming and to give players and fans some friendly, well-organised multi-platform, multi-game events to experience everything that the local esports have to offer.

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  • Geofrey Olekile

    Botswana entrepreneur Geofrey Olekile provides animation and television content to be sold to the local, regional and international content distributors. He Started Curio Media Commons Animation to fill the gap in the industry with cartoons made with an African flair.

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  • Olasupo Abideen

    Olasupo Abideen

    Olasupo Abideen journey into entrepreneurship came from the need that he identified in his community. As a student of chemistry and volunteer to SDGs groups, Olasupotook a keen interest in clean, renewable energy, that could be used instead of orthodox fuelling options, and one of them was Liquefied Petroleum Gas. In 2017, Olasupo took a …

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  • Rosemary Obi

    Rosemary Obi

    Rosemary Obi, is an alumnus of Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), an Industrial Mathematician turned professional make-up designer with over 12 years experience in the world of bridal, film and creative make-up industry. She is the founder of the first-ever make-up reality show in Africa, Project FX Makeup Show Africa, a social enterprise set up to train …

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