• Franklin Isinguzo

    Franklin Isinguzo

    Sperie Integrated Services is an apparel manufacturing, promotional branding, and printing company that provides printing and branding solutions for businesses.

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  • Obi Amuzuo

    Obi Amuzuo

    We provide solution to fleet management, human and asset security. Our service solutions include tracking, monitoring and surveillance services as security measures.

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  • Aaron Ejeme

    Aaron Ejeme

    Sourcegig is an online Marketplace that helps SME’s find and hire affordable African Graphic designers on Demand. Sourcegig connects businesses with the best professional freelance talent around, thereby making outsourcing of jobs easier and helping businesses save cost from hiring full-time staff.

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  • Chris-Kwekowe, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Chris Kwekowe

    We provide company-informed business solutions for SME’s and large scale enterprises. We also offer an extensively innovative approach towards providing technology solutions for business, education, family and even technology enthusiast. Our solutions include web development, applications development (top platforms including android, iOS and windows), custom branding, media logistics, Educational Software solutions and Business Software solutions.

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  • Agbor Ashumanyi  Ako

    Agbor Ashumanyi  Ako

    Agbor  Ashumanyi  Ako is one of the co-founders of  GiftedMom, a digital health platform based in Cameroon that gives pregnant women and mothers across Africa access to vital health information and care. As a digital-first platform, GiftedMom is able to expand faster than traditional health care systems and the start-up aims to reach 10 million women in …

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  • Frank Mugarura

    Frank Mugarura

    Gravity Rwanda is a hub of Digital Arts and Design specialized in Animations and Tv commercials, It is organized by students at the university of Rwanda while pursuing their bachelors degree of media design with the mission to use Creativity and innovation as a tool of development in the private sector.

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  • Cephas Simwanza

    Cephas Simwanza

    Tribology Energies (Z) Ltd distributes lubricants to mining contractors, construction companies and the retail market i.e auto shops. We further collect used lubricants and resell them to be used in furnaces as part of our environmental management responsibilities.

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  • David Kimani

    David Kimani

    Vacay Holiday Deals is allowing travelers to be their own agents by selling inventory from over 500 airlines and 500,000 hotels globally under one website. This reduces the hustle of searching or calling different providers plus provides convenience of 24/7 service available to anyone with internet access.

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  • Dennis Mutoro

    Dennis Mutoro

    Africar Logistics Limited has been providing logistics services for the last seven years, but now we have a big challenge in meeting the door to door delivery needs for our customers, so we have expanded our services to include an end to end solution called \ one stop \ services.

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  • Israel Mwalyaje

    Israel Mwalyaje

    Zai Vet Centre Company Ltd Increases Income Of People Through Livestock Keeping Specifically Dairy Cow,Pigs And Local Chicken By Enabling Farmers To Access Inputs At Cheaper Prices And Providing Them With Skills Regularly.

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