Setting up a business in Africa is hard. Entrepreneurs face capital problems and it is hard to get access to mentors. Through the TEF Entrepreneurship programme 3,000 entrepreneurs have had a lifeline, benefitting from the training, networking, mentorship and funding support through seed capital all of which is required for business success. One of the beneficiaries of this support is Zambian entrepreneur and CEO Musanga Logistics, Alinjawa Mutambo.

In 2016 Njavwa had an idea which was borne from a personal experience with a friend he says  “My friend and I were working late and we wanted food delivered to us but no restaurants could deliver. So we thought if we needed food delivered there should be many more people that needed food delivered. We started off offering restaurant a delivery service and then started working with retailers”. Translating the idea to a business, he set up Musanga Logistics, a platform that connects users that want to send goods to cyclists, drivers and riders who can deliver there. Musanga is on a mission to transform the way goods/packages are transported in Africa.

Through an on-demand delivery app, Musanga connects retail stores with local couriers, enabling anyone to deliver anything at any time, powering the future of African logistics, helping both small stores and big businesses move their goods through cities faster than anyone ever imagined. Since infusing technology into it’s operation by launching its on delivery application, over 50 independent couriers have started earning on our platform and Njavwa and his team have a mission to sign up over 100,000 independent riders in the next coming years.

Njavwa says he sees his business success as a driver for positive change in his community based on the philosophy of “Africapitalism.” The concept was coined by his mentor and renowned entrepreneur and investor Tony O. Elumelu, CON Founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

“In Africa right now, we desperately need to create jobs, and by creating jobs you’re increasing the social welfare of our people,”. “The best thing we can do for these people is find them employment.” – Njavwa

In just over a year of starting out in business and getting on the TEF programme, Musanga has launched is one of the fastest growing companies in Southern Africa and launching in 2 new markets. Musanga’s innovation and ingenuity has not gone unnoticed as Njavwa has been recognized by several organisations including the The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders where he became a fellow this year and introduced the Founder, Tony O. Elumelu, CON at the fellowship’s summit in Washington DC.  Njavwa says he owes these success to the numerous the world class team working with him at the support received from a lot of people and organisations.

With a goal to launch operations in 25 Major African cities in 10 years, Njavwa and his team are not resting on their current success as they are expanding to include operation for more business sectors, he says “We are going through a major digitization process as hope to automate most of our processes to help us scale, In our immediate plans we will be working with farmers to help them deliver products to market. This will help over 10,000 farmers and 30,000 indirect beneficiaries in the most rural parts of Zambia and we are excited about that”

Musanga Logistics services can be accessed through their website

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