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  • Senegal girl

    To be educated is to be informed

    Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World Nelson Mandela Education provides entrepreneurs with cognitive skills to better evaluate and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.  On today’s episode of #TEFAdvocacy, we will be discussing challenges affecting entrepreneurs in Senegal.  Shortage of jobs in Senegal means people are forced to fend for …

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  • Uganda

    Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Uganda

    ” We need to prioritise our women. As a father of five girls and being surrounded by women in the workplace, I see first-hand, the energy, the potential, and the professionalism in women’s leadership and I encourage it.”  Tony O. Elumelu, CON Africa leads the world in terms of numbers of women business owners. In …

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  • #TEFALUMNICORNER: Rosharon, Making Artisanship an Offshoot for Economic Empowerment

    Today on TEF Alumni Corner, we discuss with one of our entrepreneurs from South Africa, Rosharon Morgan who is an avid engineering practitioner and teacher looking to empower the growing unemployed labour force technically from community to community.  Q: Can you tell us about your business?  A: I am the director of an engineering artisan …

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  • Angola

    Corruption Barriers to Entrepreneurs in Angola

    Despite its large market size and potential business opportunities, Angola is deemed one of the most difficult business environments in the world. To be successful, considerable time and capital commitment is required. A strong, experienced local partner is also highly advisable.   Corruption remains a major barrier to doing business in Angola, despite some progress. It …

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  • Our Founder’s Address At The 25th Milken Institute Global Conference

    I am a banker and I created a bank – United Bank for Africa Plc. A bank that is now in 20 African countries, serving over 35 million people across the continent – but also operating in London, Paris, Dubai, and the only African bank that can accept deposits in the United States of America. …

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  • Dispatch rider on Motorcycle

    Logistics Challenges are Crippling the Activities of Nigerian Entrepreneurs 

    The Tony Elumelu foundation is the leading champion of entrepreneurship in Africa. African entrepreneurs are the heart of the foundation and what bothers these entrepreneurs bothers us all at TEF.  On today’s episode of #TEFAdvocacy, we will be discussing challenges affecting entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Quintessentially policy-based logistics challenges.  We started advocacy [through the Tony Elumelu …

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  • A street in Libya

    Libya: Healthy Economic Environments to Stimulate Entrepreneurial Activities  

    “We need a more active private sector. The private sector must engage with the government to let them know the need to address the job issue so as to get massive investment to create job opportunities for the youths.”  Tony O. Elumelu, CON Libya has recently experienced significant political, social and economic changes in its state …

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  • Eric Ade

    #TEFALUMNICORNER: Eric, Creating a Balance in the Commodity Exchange Market

    Today on TEF Alumni Corner, we discuss with one of our entrepreneurs from Ghana, Eric Ade Darku. He is a Technical Farm Producer and Commodity Aggregator who has a lot of experience in the Ghana Commodity Exchange Market becoming one of the leading commercial poultry feed traders in Ghana.  Q: Can you tell us about …

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  • Eniye Aduwari

    12 DAYS IN TEF 

    I have found that starting is always the hardest, just like I feel typing these first words right now. There are exceptions though, some people take a dive into the pool while some deep their feet first to test the waters. As for me, I dip a toe, and then a foot. You can imagine …

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  • Angele Messa of EduClick Africa

    Angele, 2018 TEF Alumna, created Cameroon’s largest job search engine

    As a child, Angele spent a lot of time away from the classroom due to some health-related issues she faced during her childhood. She relied mostly on her friends and classmates to share their learning materials with her, so she could stay up to date with all that was taught in school. The importance of …

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