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  • tef forum 2019

    Playing the Long Game: An Africa Beyond Aid

    Africa’s population, which currently has the majority between 15 and 24, is expected to double by 2045 according to the African Development Bank, a partner of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. To mitigate the effects of this, the continent will need to create more jobs, policies and implementation plans that will allow for a more competitive …

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  • Emmanuel Nturanyenabo Teebah Film Village

    Emmanuel Nturanyenabo’s TEF Testimonial

    My name is Emmanuel Nturanyenabo, the Founder and Managing Director of Teebah Film Village, a full-service video production company based in Rwanda. I started up Teebah Film Village in July 2017 and since that time, I have been struggling mainly with how to increase sales, and how to improve our product. At some point, I …

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  • Identifying the Right Opportunities for your Business

    As entrepreneurs, finding the right opportunity to grow and expand our businesses is a problem that keeps some up at night. Taking advantage of an opportunity may seem like a huge risk sometimes, especially when markets and economies seem uncertain, but there are ways to identify the right opportunities most of the time is critical …

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  • “Nobody is more willing to get out of poverty than the people who are in poverty,” – Edwin Ikhuoria, ONE Africa Director

    In this interview, the Tony Elumelu Foundation sits with Edwin Ikhuoria, the Africa Executive Director for the ONE campaign, who is leading ONE’s advocacy work across the continent. Edwin has spent over 19 years in the development sector, and before Joining ONE in 2014, worked for the Development Impact Evaluation Unit of the World Bank. …

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  • Cover of TEFConnect Africa Day Initiative

    #TEFConnectAfrica50: 50 Entrepreneurs to Connect with in Africa!

    The biggest story of the last year has undoubtedly been the novel coronavirus and, irreversibly, its effect on the economy. However, entrepreneurs in Africa have remained committed to their vision to reshape the narrative of Africa while ensuring the best possible future. From businesses to social enterprises, African entrepreneurs across the continent are undeniably making …

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