Agriculture 2

Anaya Investments (Pvt) Ltd

Anaya Honey is a honey marketing company operating in Zimbabwe. It creates sustainable honey markets, encourages and supports over 200 female beekeepers, and growing.

Bwogi Farms

Bwogi Farms offers livestock (goats) advisory and extension services to women and youth in Uganda.


Ekanje, an easy-to-use integrated-commerce platform for ordering and delivery of foodstuffs.

Expert Boda

Expert Boda fills the food excess gap using a digital Excess Management System (EMS), that is able to offer holistic solutions to food excesses.

Farmio Limited

Farmio leverages precision farming techniques to provide affordable greenhouse farms to guarantee about 120% increased productivity.

Farms2shelves International Limited

Green-tech/sustainable food processing company helping agribusinesses and food producers to process their produce more efficiently and sustainably.

Kwanza Cocoa

Kwanza Cocoa is a multifaceted business combining agriculture and manufacturing of cocoa products in Malawi.

Laalfi Farms Nigeria Limited

Laalfi Farms is a NAFDAC Certified fruit and vegetable processing company with a product range of over 20 dried fruits and vegetable powder products.

Plumbee Wholefoods Ltd

Kenyan-based, female-owned agro-processing company putting low income women at the heart of our value chain to increase access to affordable quality nutrition for children in Africa.

Reine Food Enterprise

We process soybeans to soy milk, rich enough to provide the African child with all nutrients needed for a healthy growth and development.

Seed Balls Ethiopia

A seed ball manufacturer that provides affordable, fast growing, lightweight and easy to make seed balls that increase farmer productivity.


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