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Globally, 3.3 Gigatons of CO2 equivalent come from food waste, which makes it the third top emitter globally after US and China because one-third of the food produced for human consumption goes to waste due to inaccessible markets, poor quality standards, overproduction, logistics and a lack of information around use-by and best before dates. Expert-Boda deploys an Excess Management System (EMS) digital product that offers holistic solutions to food excesses/waste by matching food producers, food companies with partners offering the highest financial, environmental, and social value along with affordable logistics services. Unlike middlemen who cheat both the farmers and buyers, we ensure a balance of trade across the value chain, that also ensures wasted food is recycled into animal food and biogas to avoid carbon emissions. So far, 10000 tons of food waste recycled into animal feeds, 20,000 food donations made to refugees and orphans providing over 100,000 meals per day. Thus, saving over 50,000 tons of food carbon emissions.


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