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Serah Kassim is a Nigeria Afrocentric retail brand that uses Afrocentric clothing to promote African textiles for women, particularly African women in diaspora. The Serah Kassim brand was launched in 2017 as a made-to-measure Fashion brand, out of the need to directly solve the issue women had with getting the right fit in dressmaking using the flat patternmaking method. Well, with growth and the vision to be Africa’s Largest Afrocentric retailer, we launched the retail brand of Serah Kassim in 2020 during the pandemic. Our unique selling propositions are 1. The audience: young, stylish, middle-income earning African women within the ages 18- 35 in diaspora, who are digital media savvy and love shopping African Fashion online. 2. Our Niche; Afrocentric Fashion, which over the years has seen interest from international brands like Dior (Dior Cruise collection 2020) and Stella McCartney (Spring Sumer 2018 Collection) incorporating African prints in their collections.


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