Daniel Oulai

Position: Grainothèque


Daniel Oulai, hailing from a small village in Dainé on the western region of Côte D’Ivoire, saw time after time, how farm producers sweat and complain about the selling prices of their crops as well as the loss of major portions of their harvest due to poor pest control.

That was he founded The Grain Library (Grainothèque), a business created to provide social support to farmers in rural areas by providing access to quality seeds, relevant data and necessary technological tools needed for maximum agricultural output, precision management and general improvements in food production.


About Grainothèque

Grainothèque, a social innovation laboratory for young rural entrepreneurs and heads the start-up Grainothèque, a social enterprise that works to promote the genetic diversity of African food plants and the microbiological potential of the soil. Founded in October 2016, Grainothèque, supports rural farmers with access to quality farmer seeds, mobile technologies for agriculture for precision input management and improvement. of food production through an intensive integrated system. This support helps strengthen food sovereignty based on biodiversity and develops solutions to preserve varietal seeds of local food plants and integrates solutions for the natural fight against plant pests and diseases.


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