Erico Pinheiro Fortes

Erico Pinheiro Fortes

Position: Prime Botics

Cape Verdean entrepreneur Erico Pinheiro Fortes founded PrimeBotics to develop versatile drones that deliver customised technological solutions to farmers, governments & non-governmental institutions related to agriculture in Africa and around the world.⁣

With the global COVID-19 crisis, Erico and his partner are refocusing PrimeBotics with new solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Cape Verde. Their idea involvess the use of drones to disinfect streets, deliver medical & non-medical supplies, and produce 3D-printed face shields for hospitals. ⁣

With PrimeBotics’s current production capacity of 20-30 face shields a day, he seeks partners to upscale his impact in Cape Verde.


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