Flavien Kouatcha

Flavien Kouatcha

Position: Save Our Agriculture

Flavien Kouatcha is a young engineer who is the head of Save Our Agriculture, a company specializing in aquaponics, a system that allows the cultivation of plants and the breeding of fish in the same device. Using fish droppings he is able to create a natural fertilizer for plant growth. Through the Save Our Agriculture system they are able to create organic gardens with produce such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, okra, but also catfish. Flavien Kouatcha markets its aquaponics units to individuals and professionals in urban areas. The advantage of his solution is that it makes it possible to obtain larger productions than in traditional agriculture, using fewer resources. For example, his urban aquaponics units help smallholder farmers grow 2 to 3 times more volumes of organic food by using only 10% of the water used by traditional agriculture on the same space. Since completing the TEF Programme, Flavien Kouatcha has achieved a turnover of over $120,000 and employed 18 people directly and 42 indirectly.


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