Kennedy Lamwenya

Position: SunPoynt

Kenedy is the founder and CEO of SunPoynt, a leading ‘pay-as-you-go’ energy services company that has innovatively combined mobile money technology and product design to provide under-served off-grid communities in Kenya with access to affordable solar-powered TV home systems.

Since launching his product in the market in February 2015, his has successfully been able to sell 5565 Tv units, earning  $300,000  in profit and providing over 11,000 rural school children with access to thousands of additional study hours every night with their solar-powered lanterns.

Additionally, he has been able to save 133 tons of carbon emissions by replacing the use of carbon-emitting kerosine lanterns in 5565 homes. He has also successfully trained 850 Distributors across East Africa towards achieving over $200,000 in monthly sales revenue for 2 years consecutively.


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