Leroy Mwasaru

Position: Greenpact


As a high school student of Maseno School, Young Leroy Mwasaru started Greenpact when his school faced a problem of a faulty sewer system. The sewer problem polluted nearby sources of domestic water for the neighboring community, sparking a demonstration against the school. In a bid to provide a solution to this problem, Leroy and his classmates created a human waste bioreactor that utilized both human and organic waste to produce Biogas and organic fertilizer.


About Greenpact

Greenpact embraces the circular economy–using waste to generate Biogas (clean energy) and organic Fertilizer using waste as a resource to strengthen local communities socio-economically. Through a human waste bioreactor toilet that’s able to separate both solid and liquid waste to harness Biogas and fertilizer Leroy and his team offer both a service (monthly maintenance) and a product (our Bioreactor systems) to consumers in Kenya by using an approach in solving economies of scale for institutions using our systems.


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