Mavis Nduchwa

Mavis Nduchwa

Position: Chabana Farms

Mavis is the founder of found Chabana Farms, a successful agribusiness enterprise focused on the integrated farming of cattle, poultry, piggery, donkeys, vegetables, and horticulture.  The idea for Chabana Farms was started when Mavis noticed the extreme problems her community was facing –lack of jobs for women and youth and frequent food shortages. The vision of Chabana is to not only provide food for the nation of Botswana but to empower individuals in her community.

Chabana Farms currently occupies 247 acres, generates an average of $1.5 million in profit and employs 20 workers to run its operations. She has also recently been awarded a $2 million contract to supply jugo beans to the local market by the government of Botswana.


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