Michel Nkuindija

Michel Nkuindja

Position: Noohkema Game Studios

Growing up Michel Nkuindija was lulled by the tales and legends of Africa and this made his imagination go wild with thoughts hovering around imaginative universes inspired by these tales. Only and as he grew older, he realized that these stories told to us by grandparents were not available in many books, comics and even less in animated version for our children and future generations.

This he says led him to  set a challenge of developing a project that would transmit these beautiful stories, tales and legends through media such as animated films and video games.

In 2015, Michel was selected on the TEF programme, and this he says has marked significant progress for his company, Noohkema Game Studios – a creative company based in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Nookhena develops video games for PC and Mobiles with an ambition to break down how video games and interactive media can be the best way to change global perceptions of Africa while preserving our cultural identity for the next generations.


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