Mohamed Dhaouafi

Mohamed Dhaouafi

Position: CURE

Mohamed Dhaouafi always inquisitive and curious, always wanting to know “Why” and “How” everything is the way it is or done the way it’s done. It is easy to liken his curiosity to that old saying about the curiosity of a cat but in his case, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it only makes him smarter.

His journey into entrepreneurship started when he took part in the Tunisia Entrepreneurship IHEC _ ENISO Challenge that required him and his teammates to solve problems with innovative ideas that can be turned into businesses. It was during this challenge he Founded CURE – a bionic company that works on ensuring that amputees can function in a world that is built for humans with four limbs.

During his encounter with the Tony Elumelu Foundation, he learnt more about the industry his business operates in, the process of developing a business plan and how to secure additional funding to develop the project further.

Today, Mohammed has raised an additional $ 5000 funding from the UNDP funded YAS! Open Innovation Challenge, participated in over 60 national and international programmes and became an Obama Africa leader in 2019.


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