Nganga Felix

Position: Ngangalix Comercial

Nganga Felix is a computer engineer skilled at developing software for PCs and mobile phones. His business, Ngangalix commercial, is specialized in training centre (ITs courses) and selling ITs accessories software and hardware in one of the communities in Angola Capital (Luanda).

After deeply analysing the worst situation of his community which ranged from poor quality of education and information technology, he started out with purchasing a photocopying machine to provide copy service to my community. Soon, people his community started requesting that he also typed documents for them.

This ignited their interest to learn how to type documents and handle computers. Felix then proceeded to acquire an additional 10 PCs and opened his first training center. In space of 7 months, Felix had enrolled more than 600 students in various courses and hired 4 young people.

So far, his business has trained more than 2,400 students in various IT courses.


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