Nora Chaynane

Position: Shine Space

TEF Entrepreneur Nora Chaynane founded Shine Space, Morroco’s foremost socio-educational initiative to bridge the knowledge gap and guide students in finding the right career path.

Shine space offers opportunities to students to prepare early and acquire technical and interpersonal skills, beyond what the schools provide, to meet the demands of today’s world of work.

Before the pandemic, Shine Space delivered over 10 workshops to offer these unique opportunities to students through offline trainings and online interactions.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Nora and her team pivoted their operational strategy online. In addition to that, she collaborated with the small health centres and the Health Ministry to raise awareness and fight the negative social impact of Covid-19.

To further drive the vision of her company, Nora is set to launch Glisa bla VISA (A discussion without VISA) – Morocco’s first interactive platform aimed to improve the professional and conversational skills in foreign languages using focused groups (talk rooms), while discussing trending news.

Since the lockdown, Shine Space has hosted 20 workshops, supported 100 students with the in-person mentorship, and benefited over 2,500 participants.

Shine Space previously won the Social Impact Prize in the National Entrepreneurship Competition GPE in Kenitra and the American Student Leaders program.


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