Olayinka Bello

Olayinka Bello

Position: UOB, Inc

Olayinka Bello’s entrepreneurial mission was to change the mindset and impression of Nigerians towards Nigerian-made products by using chemistry as a yardstick. His dream of having a footwear brand first occurred at his primary school graduation, when his father bought him a pair of oversized moccasin shoes. As a result of this, he wore the shoes for years but eventually outgrew the value and asked his father for a new pair. However, he was shocked to hear that it was no longer available. He vowed to start a shoe brand in Nigeria that would create all kinds of designs for customers.

The 2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme taught him how to write a business plan and track his financials which positioned him to successfully launch his business website and seek investors. As a footwear designer with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Chemistry, and demonstrated work experience in the Nigerian apparel and fashion industry, he designs and produces footwear that has a perfect mix of style and comfort.

His business, UOB, is focused on custom-made products with an international quality standard that complements the satiable taste of youth and young adults (male and female) at affordable prices. He believes in giving customers the freedom to creatively express themselves through footwear.

In addition, for every five pairs of footwear sold by UOB, a pair of school sandal is provided for a less privileged schoolchild in Nigeria.


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