Paul Nyambe

Paul Nyambe

Position: Zamgoat Products Limited

Zamgoat Meat Products is an innovative, market-driven and socially-inclusive Zambian agribusiness, poised to be industry leader in the processing and distribution of quality goat products and services and, hence also supporting rural livelihoods in Zambia. Zamgoat operates across the goat sector value chain and is built on an innovative and integrated business model, which endeavors to deliver sustainable social and economic value across its stakeholder chain, i.e. suppliers, shareholders and customers. To date, Zamgoat has purchased and processed over 5,000 goats, impacting over 400 smallholder farmers in Zambia as suppliers of goats to the company and earning over $500,000 in revenues.

At scale, Zamgoat plans to pursue growth across the goat value chain through vertical integration with demand-side operations in meat products (currently main focus), ready-to-eat food services through Zamgoat Xpress and Pizzagoat Africa (offering goat pizza and pastries) and BillyBurgers (goat burgers) among other brands and later also pursue value addition of goat leather and dairy products among other operations, as well as supply-side operations through Zamgoat Farms (providing improved breeding genetics to farmers) and Zamgoat Information Services(providing knowledge and information services to smallholder farmers for improved productivity).


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