Saint Eudes Bissala

Saint Eudes Bissala

Position: Kosunga

With a scientific academic background, Saint Eudes followed the world of architecture and then found himself in the field of ICT where he served as an incubator, managing teams for projects and building his leadership skills. However, it was in 2019, through the Tony Elumelu Foundation programme, that he received the training and validation he needed as an entrepreneur to enable him to run a business.

Since its creation, his technological company, “KOSUNGA” has offered solutions in the field of information and communication technologies with services deployed across Africa through its platforms.  The company is evolving from two perspectives: the first is the heart, which is the development of technological platforms and many others, having a continental influence by their research & development. The second perspective is in providing a development solution:  websites, web and mobile applications, software, social media management (with social networks, digital marketing), and ISO Certified Training (Partner of PECB American & Canadian company).

Saint Eudes believes in the realization of projects (awareness-raising, workshops, conferences) that are concerned with internet governance affecting young people and Congolese citizens living in Congo. His passion is to develop his country, and the continent of Africa in terms of economy and technology.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, he has several commitments to voluntary service in the Republic of Congo, including the All Humanity Network, Youthlead, YouthPower, CGNOG, ELONGA, KOTLIN (new Google language in Congo Brazzaville), GDG (Google Developer Group), and YOUTHCOM.


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