Taiwo Awusinu

Taiwo Awusinu

Position: Sirgbo Greengold

A graduate from Lagos State University, Taiwo Sagbo Awusinu is an entrepreneur whose passion for entrepreneurship has enabled him to run a pig production and pork processing industry and Agro consultant film. His deep interest in agriculture and its value chains was inspired by his family’s affiliation with the sector.

At the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, Taiwo learnt how to set goals and developed his human resources management skills. These principles have enabled him to increase his horizons in several aspects of his life and enhanced my entrepreneurial passion.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, he has committed to the growth and development of his community.  Currently, 90% of the workforce at Sirgbo Greengold Farms & Food is from his local community and most resources are also sourced locally. His hope is for his enterprise to be among the best suppliers of pig, pork and piglet


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