Tidiane Rangel

Tidiane Rangel

Position: TK Uabiluka

With a business team composed mainly of female locals, Angola’s Tidiane Rangel is securing Angola’s economic growth and empowering women through its direct and indirect contribution to the development of other local businesses. Her vision was inspired by a challenge she wanted to address, which is that the difficulty in local sourcing for needed resources in the braiding industry in Angola has led to the importation of a large part of production resources. To close this gap, UABILUKA invested in the purchase and distribution of the other needed resources in the industry.

Before becoming a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, Tidiane found it difficult to position her business in the market. In addition to not knowing what the most appropriate business strategy was, she also had a very limited product stock. However, the programme empowered her and her team to validate and ensure the sustainability of the business idea, prepared and provided guidance to the design of a suitable business plan and allowed them to increase their offerings. This expansion further allowed Uabiluka to strengthen the customer relationships and attract women specialists to work with them.


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