Tom-Chris Emewulu

Position: SFAN

Tom-Chris Emewulu is a 2017 TEF entrepreneur and founder of SFAN, an Accra-based education company that unlocks the potential of youths. SFAN (Stars From All Nations) is a social enterprise that works in equipping young Africans with skills and opportunities they need to engage the real world, through EPIC events and a 6-weeks career accelerator program called Readyforwork. With these tools, young people receive personalized, actionable, and coach support to launch their businesses or careers.

Through SFAN, Tom-Chris established Student Entrepreneurship Week, an annual youth entrepreneurship initiative that aims to solve unemployment in Africa by helping students create businesses while in school.

When he is not building Stars From All Nations and helping rising professionals create their dream companies and careers, he’s telling African innovation stories or advocating for people-centered policies. He has been featured on Forbes, DW, Business Insider, SABC, Next Billion, and other publications.


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