Vèna Ahouansou

Vèna Ahouansou

Company:  KEA Medicals Pharmaceutics & Technologies

Arielle is a 23 years old medical doctor who has a vocation to enhance the healthcare system in Africa by providing technological solutions through her startup KEA Medicals Pharmaceutics & Technologies. Her start-up currently provides a range of services, including the possibility of consulting a patient’s records online and the creation of a Universal Medical Identity (UMI), a sort of individual data file on each patient. Through her company, patients are prompted to create an account on the platform, by providing basic information such as their identity, known allergies, chronic illnesses, blood type, etc. Once registered, each patient receives an individual UMI signature in the form of a QR barcode. This barcode can be printed on different media and devices: wristbands, patches, cards and other portable devices. The doctor only has to scan the patient’s QR code to access his or her entire medical history within a matter of seconds. No more time wasted.


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