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  • Ndubuise Eze

    Ndubuisi Eze is Revolutionising Agriculture in Africa with Drones

    TEF Alumnus, Ndubisi Eze is on a mission to unlock the potentials of smart farming in Africa through his company, AMIntegrated Aerial Nigeria. He aims to revolutionise agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa by adopting and implementing innovative technologies such as aerial spraying using unmanned aircrafts for precision dispersal of crop stimulants and protectants. Ndubuisi is driven …

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  • Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu at West African Business Forum

    Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu’s Keynote Speech at the West African Business Forum

    The CEO of Tony Elumelu Foundation, Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu, delivered the keynote speech at The West African Business Forum: Empowering Women and Youths to Spur Africa’s Transformation Agenda. The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) convened sector champions in various industries to be a part of a Regional Business Forum in Lagos structured around high-level …

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  • Logistics Worker Sealing Up Package

    AfCFTA and Logistics in Africa

    A crucial component to the ease of doing business is how easily people can move their goods and services as needed. On average African countries rank between 1.77 and 3.43 out of 5 on the Logistics Performance Index which measures the ease, speed and simplicity of moving goods and services across the continent. This index …

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  • TEF Mentor

    TEF Opens Call for Mentors

    The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), the leading philanthropy empowering African entrepreneurs across all 54 African countries, is calling on exceptional individuals with a minimum of five years of business or professional experience to apply for a chance to mentor young Africans through its US$100M TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. This call-to-action feeds into the Foundation’s mission to …

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  • A Sustainable Approach to Making Impact in Africa

    Despite Africa’s economic growth, the continent still struggles with high unequal distributions of wealth. In a study conducted by WID in 2017, Africa stands out as an extreme income inequality region by international standards, with average incomes of the top 10% about 30 times higher than those of the bottom 50%. Many strategies have been …

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  • Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship

    with Botswana entrepreneur Nametso Matlhaga Every entrepreneur is familiar with the feeling of trepidation just before taking the leap to begin a new business or become an entrepreneur: Do I have what it takes? Is it worth it? How do I start? Getting through this stage usually requires validating ideas and exploring to understand more …

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  • Putting in the Work to Reset Africa

    As the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic grew, so did conversations on the recovery plan for the African continent which had relatively been spared the intensity of health challenges but hit hard by the economic challenges which arose as a result of the effects of lockdowns across the world. With several African countries, including South …

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  • African Entrepreneurship Digest (December Edition): Dr Awele Elumelu

    TEF Trustee Dr Awele Elumelu appointed to the Yale Institute for Global Health Advisory Board

    Dr Awele Elumelu, Trustee of the Tony Elumelu Foundation and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avon Medical has been appointed to the Yale Institute for Global Health Advisory Board. She joins Rosa DeLauro, Congresswoman, Connecticut’s Third Congressional District; Jeffrey Koplan, Former Director, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Indra Nooyi, Board of …

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  • Amidst the Panic, Does the Pandemic Present an Opportunity to Reset Africa? Tony Elumelu, Other African Business Leaders Think So.

    over 88,000 people in Africa have reportedly been infected by Covid-19. Beyond these numbers, it is hard to tell how many more have been indirectly affected, through poverty, hunger, job loss and security-related incidents. According to Tony Elumelu: “The pandemic presents an opportunity to reset Africa, create employment and eliminate poverty”.

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  • Africa: The Forest of the Future

    Africa: The Forest of the Future

    Earlier today, my dear colleague, Owen Omogaifo – MD of Transcorp Hotels, delivered the keynote address on behalf of our Founder, Tony O. Elumelu, at the 2019 Israel-Nigeria Agrinnovation Seminar in Abuja. The theme of the initiative was “No Room For Small Dreams”, with a focus on agriculture and technology.  Africa has historically been disregarded …

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