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  • Idea to Reality – Put Your Money Where Your Strategy Is

    Join the part 2 of the TEF – PMI Masterclass. Title: Idea to Reality – Put Your Money Where Your Strategy Is Date: July 20, 2020. Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm WAT Facilitators: Stephen Townsend, Director, PMI Knowledge Networks and Otema Yirenkyi, MD Africa, Project Management Institute Register here

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  • Gender Diversity, African Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Growth

    An Interview with Vanessa Moungar, Director for Gender, Women and Civil Society, African Development Bank Group The Tony Elumelu Foundation and the African Development Bank Group are in partnership to empower young African entrepreneurs. How does this fit into the agenda for the AfDB and how can the private and public sectors work more collaboratively …

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  • An Entrepreneur writes on Contextualizing Africapitalism and Why the African Youth must take Ownership

    By Che Azenyui Bruno Africa is the world’s second largest continent in terms of population and the “youngest continent on earth” as more than 60% of its population is below the age of 25. This relatively young and active demographic of the continent present a veritable opportunity for investment in the creation of startup enterprises …

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  • The African Entrepreneurship Digest – Edition 2

    African Outlook | News from the Foundation | TEF Entrepreneurs | Business Growth Gender Diversity & African Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Vanessa Moungar, Director for Gender, Women and Civil Society, African Development Bank Group Read more. Kenya overtakes Angola as the third-largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa – Bloomberg Reports Read more. Report: South Africa, Kenya …

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  • Nora Chaynane’s Business, Shine Space, Offers Students in Morocco Opportunities to Learn Early and Prepare for the Future

    In Morocco, 80% of students between the age of 15 – 18 are uncertain about their future. As a result, they graduate without the personal and professional skills needed for the world of work. To tackle this growing silent crisis, TEF Entrepreneur and Founder of Shine Space, Nora Chaynane founded Shine Space, Morroco’s foremost socio-educational …

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  • Online Entrepreneurship is the Future of Work

    TEF Masterclass Overview: According to a Forbes article, the E-Learning space will grow to be a $365 billion Industry by 2025. The current and next generations cannot rely on full-time jobs any more to potentially provide them with a lifetime of employment. With the advent of the internet, e-commerce, and now e-learning, anyone with a …

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  • Tony Elumelu Foundation Collaborates with Project Management Institute on 6-Part Masterclass: Certificates of Learning to Be Issued to Participants

    The Tony Elumelu Foundation is collaborating with the Project Management Institute (PMI) on a 6-part series on “Idea to Reality: Project Management for SMEs”. Each part of the series will hold monthly, and at the end of the series, certificates of learning will be issued to participants who attend all 6 parts.  The first session will …

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  • Checking In & Sharing Next Engagements in TEF

    العربيةl Français l Português  Hello, It has been an inspiring week for us, as I hope it has been for you. We would like to appreciate the work you do and your support of ours, as we continue to advocate for African entrepreneurship and youth employment as the root to the sustainable development of the continent.  One of the …

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  • Entrepreneurs guide to smart investing" with Ore Ajayi,

    Entrepreneurs Guide to Smart Investing

    Learn important steps and strategies entrepreneurs can use to build efficient cash flow plans and sufficient liquidity.

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  • Challenges and Opportunities of Incubators in West Africa

    This guide is intended to make you understand the work of entrepreneurship support structures that are building, brick by brick, the foundations of the West African entrepreneurial ecosystem, inpartnership with other existing stakeholders. From Dakar to Lagos, from Ouagadougou to Accra, you will discover these key players in Africa’s economic development. These institutions are passionatelysupporting …

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