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  • Eniye Aduwari

    12 DAYS IN TEF 

    I have found that starting is always the hardest, just like I feel typing these first words right now. There are exceptions though, some people take a dive into the pool while some deep their feet first to test the waters. As for me, I dip a toe, and then a foot. You can imagine …

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  • Fadekemi Ajayi

    My Journey into the Corporate World as a TEF Graduate Trainee

    “A career in a well-structured organization is a lifetime achievement,” I said to myself after a year and six months of doing “what my hands found to do”. At this point, I was thirsty for growth, and it was clear to me that I needed to define the career path I wanted to tread. This …

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  • Eniye Aduwari

    Dare To Dream: The Story of A TEF Graduate Trainee

    Let me tell you a little secret, two secrets actually. First of all, if someone had told me on the 25th of December, 2021 that I would wake up one morning, get dressed and head to Heirs Place for work I would have found myself laughing at a hilarious joke. Laughing not because I don’t …

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  • Amaka, TEF Graduate Trainee

    As a TEF Graduate Trainee, The Learning Process is Never-ending.

    Being a Graduate Trainee at Heirs Holdings is a great opportunity.  After three weeks in the classroom, a lot has impacted me. Our facilitators throughout the classroom session highlighted the importance of understanding the company’s key principles, which are “Excellence, Enterprise, and Execution.” They encouraged and counselled us on how to incorporate these principles into …

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  • Nurudeen

    It’s Been 3 Weeks of Rewarding Growth, I Am Ready for the Next Chapter

    It’s my third week in the Marketing and Corporate Communication team of the Tony Elumelu Foundation and I must say it has been interesting.  The Marketing and Corporate Communication team is tasked with the responsibility of targeting distinct audiences across various social media platforms with varying intents. At the Marketing and Corporate Communication team, we …

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  • Tobena

    My Third Week as a Tony Elumelu Foundation Graduate Trainee

    I can now gladly say I’ve been in the Heirs Holdings group for more than a month and it’s been a wonderful experience. A lot to unpack. I’ve been able to carry with me everything I picked up during the classroom sessions into my job rotation, immerse myself fully and keep up with the fast-paced …

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  • Chiemezie Nwosu

    There’s Nothing More Incredible in Life Than Reinventing Yourself

    I’m in my final days at the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s Marketing and Corporate Communications department, and I have to say, the journey here so far has been both tasking and exciting. Tasking in the sense that creating social media content isn’t easy stuff, especially for someone like me who isn’t social media savvy; it has …

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  • Tobenna Etumnu

    My Journey to Heirs Holdings as a Graduate Trainee

    It still seemed so surreal reading the mail that I had been selected after I had come to terms with probably not making the cut as I had waited so long to get a response. If anything, it reinforced my belief that with commitment and discipline, you can achieve anything. Tony Elumelu once said, ” …

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  • Chineye Akandu

    My Transition into the Corporate World and Immersion into the 3 Core Values

    We have concluded the first three weeks of classroom learning and training, and I can assure you that I have been fully immersed in the three core values of the group: Enterprise, Execution and Excellence. The Heirs Holdings graduate trainee programme is truly an immersive learning and development programme. It is the second week of the …

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  • Opeyemi Ayodeji

    How the HH Graduate Trainee Programme is Enriching My Professional Career

    It’s my second week in the Partnerships and Policy department of the Tony Elumelu Foundation and I must say it has been interesting. Now, you may be curious as to what we do here, not to worry, I’ll fill you in. Although the Tony Elumelu Foundation was established in the year 2010, the Tony Elumelu …

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