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  • Challenges and Opportunities of Incubators in West Africa

    This guide is intended to make you understand the work of entrepreneurship support structures that are building, brick by brick, the foundations of the West African entrepreneurial ecosystem, inpartnership with other existing stakeholders. From Dakar to Lagos, from Ouagadougou to Accra, you will discover these key players in Africa’s economic development. These institutions are passionatelysupporting …

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  • The Tony Elumelu Foundation Impact Report (2018)

    This report records the Foundation’s role and impact in catalysing entrepreneurship on the African continent from 2010 – 2015. “When the Tony Elumelu Foundation launched in 2010, the philanthropic sector in Africa could best be described as fragmented. Nigeria, for example, lacked any legislation to regulate the activities of charitable organisations, meaning that there was …

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