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  • Bokovo Assiba

    TEF Alumni, Bokovo is growing and processing Moringa to solve the problem of malnutrition

    Description of her business Assiba Fée Sarl is an agrobusiness company majoring in moringa growing and processing. Moringa is the most nutritive plant in the world. They process moringa into juice, pasta, syrup and jam to balance food without changing any taste. How long have you been running your business Over 36 months. What led …

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  • Olanrewaju Samuel

    Olanrewaju is ensuring food security by returning lost produce back to the supply chain

    Description of his business: The business is involved in processing, packaging and sales of pepper because almost 50% of vegetables produced in Nigeria are lost after harvest. How long have you been running your business 18-24 months Olanreforward Foods was established due to the urgent need to reduce these losses and return the produce back …

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  • Amadu Deen Bah

    NOT CARRIED AWAY: From Plastic To Paper in Sierra Leone

    An intrepid 22-year-old entrepreneur from Sierra Leone has founded an eco-friendly paper bag company – something he has kept at doggedly despite the challenges a developing economy can present. TWO DIFFERENT SCENARIOS. ONE PRODUCT. Amadu Deen Bah was raised by a single mother in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He grew up helping her work as a …

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  • Oba Sanni


    Nigeria faces a hydra-headed healthcare challenge that if not urgently tackled will lead to a full-blown national health crisis. These challenges include the high cost of quality healthcare, low access to basic healthcare, poor welfare package for medical practitioners, unending brain drain, and inadequate investment in medical infrastructure among others. In the midst of this …

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  • Franklin Isinguzo

    Meet 2017 TEF Alumni, Franklin Isinguzo who runs a Fashion and apparel printing startup in Nigeria

    Description of his business The business has two sections which is: Ready to wear urban clothing and apparel branding / printing. How long the business has been in existence Over 36 months. What led him to be an entrepreneur (His passion for fashion) The trendiest designer in those days while he was schooling at the …

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  • #TEFALUMNICORNER: Rosharon, Making Artisanship an Offshoot for Economic Empowerment

    Today on TEF Alumni Corner, we discuss with one of our entrepreneurs from South Africa, Rosharon Morgan who is an avid engineering practitioner and teacher looking to empower the growing unemployed labour force technically from community to community.  Q: Can you tell us about your business?  A: I am the director of an engineering artisan …

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  • Eric Ade

    #TEFALUMNICORNER: Eric, Creating a Balance in the Commodity Exchange Market

    Today on TEF Alumni Corner, we discuss with one of our entrepreneurs from Ghana, Eric Ade Darku. He is a Technical Farm Producer and Commodity Aggregator who has a lot of experience in the Ghana Commodity Exchange Market becoming one of the leading commercial poultry feed traders in Ghana.  Q: Can you tell us about …

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  • Seton Oluwabukola

    #TEFALUMNICORNER: “The Goal is to Make Nigerian Rice Global”

    Today on TEF Alumni Corner, we discuss with one of our entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Seton Oluwabukola Oyekemi, she is a highly experienced farmer and seasoned trader and she focuses on farming and exporting of a Unique specie of premium rice called the Ofada Rice.  Q: Can you tell us about your business?  A: My Business Name …

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  • Victoria Apedoh

    #TEFALUMNICORNER: Victoria, a Commuter Making Life Easy for Other Commuters

    Join us Today on TEF Alumni Corner, as we speak to one of our entrepreneurs from Ghana, Victoria Apedoh, who is a business owner trying to make commuting across West Africa easy for all.  Q: Can you tell us about your business?  A: My business is called Shuttle Drive. It is an online platform that connects …

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  • Ababacar Samb

    Ababacar, TEF Alumni, is promoting Agro-ecology in Africa through FAEDA

    In 2017, Ababacar Samb, decided to embark on what will eventually become an impactful entrepreneurship journey with a burning desire to provide sustainable solutions to poverty, youth and women’s unemployment and food, insecurity. This led to him establishing Ferme Agro-ecologique Domou Africa (FAEDA), an agricultural business based in his home country, Senegal. FAEDA is built …

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