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  • Young African entrepreneur inspecting a solar panel


    The Tony Elumelu Foundation launches a first-of-its-kind Green Entrepreneurship Programme to address African youth unemployment, in partnership with UNICEF Generation Unlimited (GenU) and IKEA Foundation. The application portal for BeGreen Africa is now open on TEFConnect, the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s digital platform, to all waste management start-ups in Kenya, and green start-ups in Morocco, Nigeria, …

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  • TOE at Columbia Business School


    On Monday, September 26, 2022, TEF Founder, Mr. Tony O. Elumelu and the TEF delegates rounded their trip to New York with a visit to the Chazen Institute in Columbia Business School, where Mr. Elumelu joined a specially-convened fireside chat anchored by Ijeoma Ejimadu; a Columbia Business School student, Co-Founder of Kareerday, Investment Fellow at …

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  • TEF at UNGA 77: DAY 5


    It’s all about climate change and actions! On Friday, September 23, 2022, TEF Founder, Mr. Tony O. Elumelu, C.O.N, CEO, Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu and TEF Director of Partnerships, Somachi Chris-Asoluka, held a series of bilateral meetings to further drive the importance and urgency of global investment in Africa for jobs creation, economic opportunities, climate responsibility, environmental …

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  • Tony Elumelu

    Africa and Climate Change – A Conversation with US Senator John Kerry towards COP27

    Tony O. Elumelu As the world continues to experience the daily impact of global warming, whether the tragic recent flooding in Pakistan, or the less covered, but equally harmful, persistent environmental degradation of Africa’s Sahel region, leaders need to act, not just talk. Equally, Africa should not just be in the conversation, but actively set …

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  • Richard Bbaale

    BanaPads Is Making Menstruation Management Affordable And Convenient For Women

    It is no secret that menstruation, is still considered a social taboo in many parts of the world. There is common theme of silence when conversations about the subject come up. As though it is not as natural as breathing. This is challenge inspired Richard Bbaale, a 2016 TEF Alumna from Uganda to create BanaPads. …

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  • Constant

    Constant Ayihounoun Is Popularising Ecological Agriculture In Benin

    2019 TEF Alumni, Constant Ayihounoun, is on a mission to raise awareness of sustainable production techniques in his home country Benin republic, through training, production, and distribution of organic agricultural inputs by his company, Agreco. Agreco is a company that produces organic fertilizers and pesticides and sells them to agricultural cooperatives and green spaces. Unlike …

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  • Wecyclers Promotes Sustainability With 7 New Franchisees

    Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, a 2012 TEF Alumni, co-founded Wecyclers in the same year, with one mission in mind – to build a sustainable and viable business model that helps the poor communities of Lagos reclaim their neighbourhoods from the scourge of pollution and waste. To further advance in this mission, Bilikiss and her team have recently …

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  • Msindazwe Ndhlovu

    TEF Alumni Spotlight with Msindazwe Ndhlovu

    Msindazwe Ndhlovu ​is a 2018 Tony Elumelu entrepreneur from Botswana​. In this interview, he talks to us about The Noble Savage​, a company that recycles waste plastic and glass for the manufacturing of alternative eco-friendly building materials which are lighter, stronger, durable, and affordable, all while incorporating technology to bring affordable energy to Africa. On Changes …

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  • Transforming Poachers into Protectors

    All species on earth, including humans, depend on the services provided by other species to survive. This biological diversity provides the resources necessary to maintain the healthy systems we need to thrive. Harmful activities such as hunting can have serious consequences on the environment since natural ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent. 35-year old Rwandan entrepreneur …

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  • TEF Alumni Lalita Purbhoo Junggee

    Lalita Purbhoo Junggee is Reducing Mauritius’ Carbon Footprint with Biodegradable Products

    When Design & Print Co LTD launched in 2011, the big idea was to power large format digital printing in Mauritius. The company, founded by Lalita, would print mainly outdoor advertising: billboards and banners. A few years later, they realized that they had become part of an industry that generates a lot of solid waste. …

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