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  • 5 Young African Entrepreneurs Growing Eco-friendly Businesses on the Continent

    Eco-entrepreneurship is the new fad of startup entrepreneurship, not because of its rising popularity, but its potential to transform our environment, improving the quality of life.  In Africa, green entrepreneurship is gaining significant traction, with more and more young African entrepreneurs seeking innovative ways to solve immediate environmental challenges, while making profits.   Here a …

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  • Oluseyi Falaye Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Meet Oluseyi Falaye, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Tackling Nigeria’s Power Crisis with Econergco

    Oluseyi Falaye founded Econergco Limited, an eco-friendly energy company with a mission to eradicate energy poverty and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. The company provides reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions and efficient lighting services for both off-grid and on-grid electricity consumers. Econergco also runs several programs, including Solar4Health Initiative through which it works with international and local stakeholders …

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  • Meet Esse Okey, Founder of Powerstove Energy

    About Me My name is Okey Esse. I am a 2018 TEF Alumni. I grew up in a home where one parent was a civil servant and the other a successful entrepreneur, so I had the opportunity to learn from the different worlds, each teaching me very vital lessons that prepared me for life. For …

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  • Jama Yassin: Transforming Somaliland One Crop At A Time

    The greatest revolutions in history often started with the smallest decisions. Growing up with a desire to improve the standard of living in Somaliland, Jama Yassin defied the norms by choosing a business path that was unconventional in his community. He talked to the Tony Elumelu Foundation team about his inspiration, his business growth and …

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  • Shabbirali Mussa: Solving the Waste Challenge of Tanzania

    From Arusha to Dar es Salaam, over every 5 mins walk you will find a plastic bag (polythene) on the road or in a drainage leading to pollution. In Tanzania, a devastating amount of over a million polythene plastic bags are used each year. Only a small percentage of these plastic bags are used again …

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  • Energy from Waste: Greenpact’s Leroy Mwasaru is Driving Social Impact in Kenya

    As a high school student of Maseno School, Young Leroy Mwasaru started Greenpact when his school faced a problem of a faulty sewer system. The sewer problem polluted nearby sources of domestic water for the neighboring community, sparking a demonstration against the school. In a bid to provide solution to this problem, Leroy and his …

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  • Lawrence Hoba and EnraPower are the Solution to Zimbabwe’s Power Problems.

    Zimbabwe requires about 1 600 megawatts (MW) of electricity daily, but the country’s electricity body, ZESA’s five power stations at Hwange, Kariba, Harare, Munyati and Bulawayo generate less than 1 000MW. As a result, serious operational constraints have been evident. Harare Power Station has been producing 25 MW of electricity a day on average, while …

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  • Amani Katana is Making Waste a Resource Through Garb Tech

    Few weeks ago, Amani Katana was part of the 1,000 Young African Leaders in Washington DC who listened to Founder, Tony O. Elumelu, CON share his journey through life and business. Amani says he could relate with the journey “He’s story resembles the stories of many successful entrepreneurs. Likewise, When I started my waste management …

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  • The Boy from Bangui & His Romance with the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme

    While growing up in Bangui, the capital of war-torn Central African Republic, Gabino Guerengomba and his family would strive to fully utilize the electricity when it came on for just four hours every day across the entire town. The rationing was because Enerca, short for Energie Centrafricaine, the national energy utility company had to be …

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  • Winning Wednesday with Gabino Guerengomba

    Our entrepreneur, Gabino Guerengomba’s revolutionary solar module was first released after the TEF Forum on September 18th 2015 at the Pennsylvania smart Infrastructure collaboration center. The success there was so tremendous that his business was convened to the country of Benin for a Energy and Infrastructure trade mission. He has as a result signed a USD 80 Million MOU to …

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