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  • Serah Kassim, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Serah Kassim, the Fashionpreneur

    Meet Serah Kassim, the Nigerian Fashionpreneur At the very beginning: My love for fashion was born out of necessity, the need to “slay” on Social Night! As a teenager in boarding school, the Saturday Social Night gatherings were one of the few highlights of my week, I could take time off my studies to have …

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  • Chioma Ogbudimkpa, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    This Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur is Creating a Niche in the Fashion Industry

    Little Lady Seamstress My mum had a fashion house back in the 90s and as a young girl, I was fascinated by the fabrics – the different colors and textures and the embellishments – the feathers and sparkly stones that she worked with so I invited myself into her workshop as a mini-apprentice, piecing together …

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  • Joan Urganics, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

    Uganics is Creating a Malaria-Free World!

    My Story of Luck! Luck is real, it is powerful, and I am committed to spreading it as far as I can. I am a beneficiary of luck, and I am passionate about sharing it across the continent, to all 54 countries. Tony O. Elumelu, CON If anyone knows the role that luck plays in …

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  • Bokovo Assiba

    Carine Bokovo: Living Healthy Through Assiba Fée

    Living in Benin Republic, Carine Bokovo was always worried about the nutritional diet of her the people in her immediate community. On approaching adulthood, after seeing firsthand what a deficiency in vitamins can do to the human body, she decided to take it upon herself to tackle this problem both for her family and her …

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  • Mahassin Quadri: The Brilliant Mind Behind CashMadam

    At the recently concluded Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) forum, a pitching competition was held which gave entrepreneurs around the African continent to pitch their businesses to an expert panel of judges. The founder and CEO of CashMadam, Mahassin Quadri, emerged the winner of this competition. She met with the Tony Elumelu Foundation team to speak …

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  • Ebere Onyinyechi Ogbonna: Carrying on the Grain Legacy

    The Learning Process Growing up, Ebere Onyinyechi Ogbonna watched her mother invest her time and resources into the grain storage business and succeed. Given her early introduction to the business, it is no surprise that she decided to forge a path for herself in the same industry. In her own time, she took things a …

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  • Nuya’s Essence: Tanzanian Beauty Queen Finds Her Business Groove With Natural Skincare Products

    Hellen Dausen wanted to be a professional model and she was serious about it. After graduating with a BSc. in International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from the United States International University-Africa in Nairobi, she participated in the 2010 Miss Universe Tanzania beauty pageant and won. As the winner, she received a scholarship to study performing …

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  • Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti Pays Her Knowledge Forward with the Launch of her new Book

    It was a pleasure to support Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti, in Lagos last Thursday, July 26th at the launch of her book “Accessing Grants for Startups”, which serves as a roadmap to funding opportunities for African entrepreneurs. Having benefited tremendously from her participation in various business development opportunities, Ifedayo has attempted to pay some of her knowledge …

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  • From a Childhood Experience to a Thriving Business, Meet Shamim Nabuuma

    At the age of 6, Shamim Nabuuma experienced tooth pain and this was repeatedly treated with pain relieving tablets, however this was not enough to keep away the tooth pain which soon degenerated to a swollen jaw. Even with all that pain, her parents couldn’t afford to take her to the dentist. They however mobilized …

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  • Disrupting the African Fashion Industry with Serah Kassim Ready to Wear Brand

    Textile and clothing is the second largest sector in the developing world after agriculture, this sector is dominated by SMEs and holds the potential to create jobs for millions of women and youth across Africa. Discussions on African inspired clothing takes the centre stage at forums on fashion and exhibitions around the world. From the …

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