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  • How Profitable Can Agriculture be? Meet Mavis Nduchwa

    From an undergraduate study in real estate and hospitality to a career as a TV presenter and now Farmer, Botswana’s Mavis Nduchwa, 34 has straddled several hats. She had an early start in her journey to entrepreneurship from high school, where she sold sweets to fellow students, helped students write their essays and letters for …

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  • Vitumbiko Zgambo: The Vegetable Farmer Leading by Example

    Farming has an unglamorous image across Africa even though Agriculture accounts for more than 30% of the continent’s GDP and employs more than 60% of its working population. But this outlook to Agriculture might be changing soon with new players, introduction of technology and an ongoing wide embrace by younger players in the sector. One …

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  • My9Lives is Changing the Art of Recruitment in Africa

    For any company, large or small, one of the most difficult aspects of operations is the recruitment of the right employees. Identifying qualities that fit with your company’s culture will ultimately help you make the best hiring decisions to move your company forward, recognising this challenge, Ishara set up My9Lives to bridge the gap between …

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  • Looking Good Never Got so Easy

    The saying goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the mind of 2015 TEF Entrepreneur Tshepo Ngaleka beauty is also extremely good business. Her business Picadoo is an online one-stop-shop that promises customers they need never have a bad hair day again. Simply log on to picadoo.co.za give details of …

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  • TEF Business Programme - Byenda Nkwanda with Tony Elumelu

    Success Story with Byenda Nkwanda

    #TEFbusinessprogrammeOur entrepreneur this week could not imagine herself doing anything outside her passion for Fashion. So, she thought about the best ways to generate an income from her passion. She heard about the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship programme and in her words, “it brought her business to life.” This week on Winning Wednesday, we have …

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  • Winning Wednesday with Nassima Hofra

    It’s Winning Wednesday again and this week, we caught up with Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur, Nassima Hofra from Algeria. Nassima is the CEO of Tepropack, a company that manufactures plastic packaging, designed for household detergents and auto maintenance products. Nassima, just like her fellow Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs, attended the TEF Forum in 2015 where she made key …

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  • Winning Wednesday with Lerato

    Today’s edition of Winning Wednesday is focused on our entrepreneur, Lerato Motshwarakgole who just got admitted to Harvard Graduate School Of Education for her Masters In Education (M.Ed). We caught up with her on why she has decided to go back to school. She left us inspired TEF: Why did you decide to further your …

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